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This is your opportunity to study God’s Holy Bible by listening to free Bible commentary online or by downloading books or Bible chapters and verses to your ipod or computer and making your own copy on CD to listen in your home stereo or in your car. These studies were recorded over several years by Don Duncan at Calvary Chapel of Wichita, Kansas. Agape Tapes gave away thousands and thousands of cassette tapes all over the world and now through the technology of the Internet we can make all of Don’s verse by verse teaching through the Bible available as a free Scripture download, or you can listen to the free Bible commentary online!

Scripture Commentary Downloads:

The Free Bible Commentary is a scripture commentary, for some the word is “Exposition”. Commentary is the comments reflecting the expositor’s thoughts and their attempt to “Expose” what the scriptures teach. The Expositor’s goal is to take the principles that were laid out in scripture or the “sense” and convey them to a contemporary audience. The Bible chapters and verses have all been researched and also allow scripture commentary downloads. Pastor Don Duncan has been a part of the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches that started as a part of the “Jesus Movement” in Southern California since 1975. Calvary Chapel churches have always been Non-Denominational and don’t represent any group or denomination.

Commentary of Bible Chapters and Verses:

We study all of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, and believe that every Christian should understand the whole or complete Word of God. We suggest that you begin each study with your bibles open. Pray first and ask God to minister to you from His Word. Try to listen to each study without interruptions as each study reflects on the verse or chapter as a whole. If you have questions; send us an e-mail and we will forward it to Don. He will attempt to answer every e-mail as quickly as possible, remember patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit.


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